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A Belly castis a unique memento women have of their pregnancy experience. The cast creates a mold of the shape of a woman’s personal baby bump. They can then decorate it any way they wish. When you Plaster Pregnant Belly it is easy if you follow the instructions of how to make a belly cast appropriately and carefully. It’s a heart warming way to capture what the mother’s belly looked like while she was pregnant with her child. As it allows women to remember all the great memories they had of being pregnant.

A Plaster Pregnant Belly (also known as a belly cast) is simple created by applying several layers of damp plaster strips to the front of your belly. Some women also choose to apply the plaster to their arms, breasts and legs. After the strips of plaster have set, they will hold shape the shape of your pregnant belly. You can then remove the belly cast will come away from your body and you will have a permanent record of your pregnant shape. They do not require a lot of effort and can be a very fun experience.

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Normally women will choose to cast the belly or the belly and breasts. This is entirely up to you as it is important to make the cast as personal as possible and be something you feel comfortable with. Most women make their belly casts late in pregnancy when they are seven to nine months pregnant which is 36 to 39 weeks. They do this to capture their bellies at their biggest size also so they can have a bigger canvas to decorate.

Some women choose to make a series of Plaster Pregnant Belly casts to track their gradual belly growth. There is no right or wrong way to make a belly cast it is about having fun and enjoying the experience of pregnancy.

The casts can be decorated in numerous ways to reflect the individuals’ personality. Having a baby is a very personal experience so why not reflect that in your belly cast? A Plaster Pregnant Belly is a great way to express all the emotions and feelings of pregnancy positively. You can express the excitement and happiness of having a baby through painting and decorating your belly cast.

Belly casts kits can be bought online through numerous websites; they normally include all the essential items needed for making a belly cast. Or you could also go to a craft store and buy all the items needed individually.

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